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Classroom and after school activities
With a focus on experiential and project based learning, students will explore some of the most popular technologies changing the world.  
Our catalog of instructor led courses are designed to enforce disciplines used in the real world such as critical thinking, problem solving and team work while teaching specialized, stem influenced skills.  

Drone Flying

Students will explore the basics of drone flying while learning basic concepts related to mechanics and flight terminology.

Minecraft World Dev

This diverse virtual world is filled with opportunities for students to collaborate, create and innovate.  In this course, students will learn about the architectural design process and use spatial and functional reasoning to build usable structures.

3D Printing

With a primary focus on design and engineering, students will learn how to use 3D printing software to create objects.  3D printing hardware and materials will also be reviewed.

Mobile App Dev

Students will have the opportunity to recreate some of their favorite mobile apps, reinforcing their understanding of the application development process and related disciplines.


Students will collaborate in building robots and mirroring their use in the real world through fun and engaging challenges and missions.


This staple in the computer science community will introduce students to basic software programming concepts.  Disciplines such as variable assignment, loops, and inputs/outputs will be explored, preparing them for coding projects across technologies.



STEM Consulting Services
In conjunction with the catalog of activities we offer, we provide strategic planning and implementation services to further the advancement of our client's STEM program and curriculum goals. This includes:

Assessment of current program and monitoring of key performance indicators.

Curriculum development.

STEM curriculum roadmap development and implementation.

Grant writing assistance.

Accreditation and audit readiness services.

Event management and promotion.

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