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About Us

20 years of experience in STEM education

With over 20 years of experience in STEM and education related fields, we are a team of industry professionals and educators whose mission is to prepare young minds for future STEM leadership. 
Embracing a wholistic approach to STEM curriculum and activity development, Stemulum believes in developing the STEM ecosystem by cultivating both the students and the institutions/organizations that support them.  We accomplish this through assessments, strategic roadmap planning and training as well as creating impactful experiences for the students we serve.
Driven by Next Generation Science standards and the needs of our clients, our curriculum helps students navigate the subject matter at hand while enforcing disciplines that most industry leaders agree are underrepresented in STEM candidates today.  Critical thinking, problem solving, communication and team work are disciplines that cross industry lines and are critical to maximizing collaboration, innovation and production.
Our success is dependent upon the strategic application of the following areas:



We continuously develop partnerships with innovative companies that provide products for our activity catalogue.  The products we use in our activities are vetted and assessed for ease of use, real world application and impact potential.  Some are technologies that students use unstructured in their daily lives. Others are technologies that have not traditionally been made available to students k-12.

Strategic partnerships with other entities in the STEM ecosystem are also essential to Stemulum's success. We continuously foster our relationships with STEM influencers, governing bodies of standards and frameworks and many other types of organizations. This ensures our curriculum is in line with the future needs of our clients and their students.


Understanding the impact our services have on clients and their student body is essential to student success.  Data driven assessments and monitoring are key components of our engagement framework.  We collect, analyze and report our findings to support our customized approach to STEM activity development.

In addition to securing staff that are passionate about exposing children to the vast world of STEM, our instructors receive training that enables them to stay knowledgeable about their subject matter as well as industry student engagement best practices.


Stemulum's staff training curriculum is used internally and is provided externally as a training service to assist educators in their STEM training needs.

Our STEM strategy consultants leverage their real world experiencing and best practices delivering products and services in STEM fields in both public and private sectors.

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